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Anchor Text

Anchor Text

Anchor Text

admin / March 1, 2018

Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor Text is the visible, interactive content in a hyperlink that is shown on a website page. In current programs, it is frequently blue and underlined, for example, SEO Tutorial

anchor text seo

Utilizing Anchor Text in SEO Strategy

It is most important for SEO; suppose your keyword is Best SEO Strategy and you need to put this keyword on other site, all things considered you have to utilize this keyword with ancher tag like below.

Anchor tag with Keyword

<p>SEO Strategy Provide <a href=”https://www.seoguide.ga/category/seo-strategy/”> Best SEO Strategy Tutotrial</a> for all learner</p>

Show on Webpage

SEO Strategy provide Best SEO Strategy Tutorial for all learner

HTML Syntax for anchor text

<a href=”https://www.seoguide.ga”>Example of Anchor Text</a>

SEO related guidline for ancher tag

  • At whatever point you put your watchword on other site and would prefer not to take link by search engine; use rel=”nofollow”
  • At whatever point you put your keyword on other site and need to follow your link by search engine; use rel=”follow”
  • At the point when utilize some other site links on your site always use rel=”nofollow” generally search engine follow that link and move on that specific site.

Ancher tag with rel=”follow”

<a href=”https://www.seoguide.ga/seo-strategy/keyword-optimization/”> Keyword Optimization</a>

In above condition we just gives internal links so rel=”follow” is better.

Ancher tag with rel=”nofollow”

<a href=”http://search.mytripmyfare.com/packages/international/uae/best-of-dubai-8601″ rel=”nofollow”>Online booking

In above condition we provides external links so rel=”nofollow” is better. Here search engine don’t move on MYFAREMYTRIP website.

Note: IIf approaching links are from high page rank site, that is useful for your site (for this situation utilize rel=”nofollow”). On the off chance that incoming join is from low page rank site or awful site it is destructive for you site ( for this situation utilize rel=”nofollow”).

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